Theme Parties

Surprise your guests with a spectacular decoration for your party. Imagine that instead of entering a simple living room, when you open the doors you are transported to a Dominican Caribbean town, a Pirate village, or live the feeling of being under the sea, or with some of our magnificent decorations.


Caribbean / Tropical / Dominican Party

Your celebration with tropical flavor will turn into an explosion of colors, lights and palm trees. A whirlwind with the refreshing taste of Dominican paradise. It is the best and unforgettable option for a colorful evening of surf, sand and Caribbean heat. Paradise calls you to dance a salsa and to dress up as a party.


Thai Party

If you are a fan of the oriental world, celebrate your party in the purest Zen style of Thailand. Between red, gold and black, the decoration details of this themed party are the best option to achieve an elegant celebration inspired by the mysteries, grace and delicacy of this amazing culture.


White Party

Of great popularity to celebrate special events, the white parties are certainly a sample of the minimalist tendency of the moment. A wide variety of details including lounge rooms, tables, chairs and illuminated elements will wear your evening of distinction and style.



To remember is to live and for this reason this thematic party goes back to the past. The tunnel of time will stop in the days of happy faces, phosphorescent colors, chains of flowers, vinyl records, peace and love. Fashion and music will be part of an authentic celebration with the air of yesterday and always.


Rock n music

If you like the style and music of good rock and roll, we offer a fun variety of elements that can be personalized with your brand and identity. Your favorite singer or band has arrived and you can be a real star tonight. Feel like a rock star.



Enjoy our portrait of the time of the crazy twenties, with lush entrances, curtains, feathers, centerpieces, cars and flappers. A mixture of elegance and fun will make this period party an evening very tasteful of the stylish and mysterious dandi New York.



Enjoy the wide variety of elements that together create an elegant and unique setting. Curtains in various styles, hanging elements, candlesticks, Oscar figures and tables, are just some of the details that will make your evening a special and unforgettable night for all your guests.



The old does not exist. Lo Vintage is in. The elegance of aged wood, crossback chairs and “antique” chandeliers create a unique and welcoming atmosphere for your events in the living room or in the exterior. Everything is possible if you jump back and let your imagination run wild.



Welcome to the circus! Enter the big tent through the mouth of a clown and let inside lead the fantasy surrounded by elephants, jugglers and other allegorical silhouettes. The magic of the great track does not stop thrilling children of all ages. Let the show begin red, white and gold and the magic never ends.


Pirate Party

Ahoy the boat, Arrr the crew! Let us be pirates for one night and let us lead by the candles of fantasy in a galleon that will be the center of attention, accompanied by anchors, skulls, barrels, sails and black and red flags that will take you on an imaginary journey to Treasure Island.


Party tavern

With atmosphere inspired by a tavern of the 1920s, to enjoy a different night. Alcohol was forbidden at that time, but you could never ban the fun.